Commissions & Inquiries

Please submit a detailed request to

I am currently booking commissions, professional sponsorships/partnered costume work, and appearances for all of 2018. Requests must be submitted no later than the end of January for consideration. All requests will be reviewed in order received and taken on as they fit into my fabrication schedule.

I may require a small (~10-25% of full cost) deposit for larger, complex commissions to park your spot in my calendar, applied to the total fee for your commission. Deposits are fully refundable if either of us must cancel no less than 30 days in advance and BEFORE ANY WORK on the commission has begun. I will contact you before starting work on a commission with a deposit in play to confirm we are moving forward and to request the next or final payment from you.

Payment plans are available for commissions over $1500. No portion of a payment is refundable after being paid to me. If a cancellation must be made in the middle of a commission, we will work together to come to an agreement for a partial completion of your commission based on the money paid, state of the work, and materials in use.

You can also check Etsy for commissionable items and used costume listings, posted sporadically when I am available to work on them. I am going to attempt another costume clear-out instant sale in December/January, so please keep your eyes peeled on social media for the event to begin!